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PE recycled granulates

LDPE recycled granulates are branded with the name Q-REC LDPE. It is a sign of the highest quality PCR of the offered raw material - we guarantee the parameters. LDPEgranulate is produced in the process of regranulation with washing and double filtration, it is a guarantee of the best quality, the highest filtration available on the market, an excellent level of homogenization and degassing of the material.

PP recycled granulates

Regranulaty polipropylenowe produkowane są z najwyższej jakości materiałów wsadowych pochodzących z branż o wysokich normach jakościowych i organizacyjnych. Oferujemy regranulat PP biały, czarny lub barwiony w masie o różnych zakresach płynięcia (MFI).


Recyklon provides granulation, crushing, grinding, washing and drying services for raw materials and granulates. We offer honest, reliable settlement conditions and solid quality of the service.

Purchase of waste

We buy LDPE waste for washing and all forms of post-production LDPE, PP and HDPE plastic waste. We are interested in fulltruck load quantities.



"We are pleased to announce that Zakład Usługowy RECYKLON PIOTR RADOSZ Sp.J. joined the "Business Without Barriers" program. It is an idea supporting people with disabilities in the technological labor market. We use the Occupational Medicine Platform application from 01.08.2019 and promote the Legal Advice Platform among our employees. Both applications are provided and administered by Grupa AF Sp. z o.o. which employs 80% of people with disabilities in its ranks. "